Get off my lawn, Hollywood.
Sources say the note reads as part manifesto, part suicide note, and part justification for the killing of innocent people—but we're sure some lovestruck teenagers will still find this very romantic indeed.
In 1971, fearing his plane would crash on the way to or from his trip to Canada, artist Vito Acconci left his apartment keys to whoever found them first upon his death.
Passive-agressive note about dog doo mostly just agressive, and threatening.
Former SNL and Wayne's World writer Joe Bodolai died at age 63 over the holiday weekend, from an apparent suicide and after leaving many cries for help online.
UCB's neighbors want them to STFU.
"Iraq war veteran" A robber claiming to be an Iraq war
Lady Gaga, who resided at 176 Stanton Street when she was
Move over passive-aggressive notes, there's a new note-writing tactic in town!
Photo via kira305's flickr Spotted on the Upper East Side: a
Photos by Miss Heather Someone is taking passive-aggressive note-writing to a
Allegedly the NYPD was investigating Andrew Williamson-Noble's death at NYU's Bobst
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