North river wastewater treatment center

The NY Times has a dramatic account of the everyday heroics needed to get the uptown wastewater treatment plant working after a devastating fire—wading in 8 feet of raw sewage, anyone?
A week after the Hudson saw a massive dump of raw sewage, the DEP has declared New York's waterways and beaches safe for swimming again.
The raw sewage released into the Hudson after the North River fire last week means that five city beaches are still down for the count.
Good news: The "untreated" poop has stopped flowing into the Hudson. Bad news: The rivers and some beaches aren't really great for water activities.
Good news from the DEP! Our short Metropolitan nightmare of feces-filled rivers may be coming to a close: The DEP is starting to turn the engines back on at the North River wastewater treatment plant.
Don't even think about cooling off in the Hudson River, the East River south of the Triborough or the Harlem river this weekend—City officials have declared them unfit for recreational activity due to raw sewage.
Because of the fire at the North River wastewater treatment plant yesterday the DEP is currently pumping untreated sewage into the Hudson River.
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