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"We taught them that even if you don't agree with it, or understand it, you must respect authority."

Springsteen objected to the discriminatory law that this Republican idiot thinks is okay.

North Carolina's state legislature recently passed a law that would ban laws protecting people from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Several people were injured today when an Amtrak train bound for NYC collided with a tractor-trailer in North Carolina and derailed. [Update Below]

"So we got like, we got like umm, uh, whatchamacalit, stop and frisk."

According to a recent study, some species of cockroach started noticing humans were using glucose to bait-and-kill them, so now they hate the taste of sugar. Bloomberg, take note!

Not every missing dog story ends up costing its owner over $60,000 in legal fees—a Maltese/Westie mix from Queens who went missing in May 2011 was found safe and sound this week in North Carolina.

After a video showing serious animal abuse at a Butterball turkey facility was released, North Carolina officials today decided to raid the farm.