North brother island

"We are reopening the discussion and exploring options for some limited visits."
Enjoy two minutes of high-flying drone footage over the off-limits East River island.
"If it was off the coast of TriBeCa, it would have been opened up to public access years ago."
The City Council's Parks and Recreation Committee is looking at the city's various abandoned islands.
What if we were allowed to legally go to gorgeous and abandoned North Brother Island?
Check out what North Brother Island looked like back when people were living there—here are photos from the late 1930s to the '60s.
The Parks Department's Director of Historic Preservation, John Krawchuk, talks to us about the abandoned North Brother Island, with gorgeous photos by Danny Avila.
Check out North Brother Island right after it became inhabited in the late 1800s.
Over at The Kingston Lounge, Richard Nickel Jr. has posted some gorgeous
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