Norman siegel

'It would have been so much simpler and avoided all the negative publicity had someone thought about the original overreaching and unnecessary rights-grab in the earlier Terms & Conditions.'
'It's troubling because this [is] part of the dynamic of private companies using public property, or getting huge tax benefits, and coming up with terms & conditions that...restrict the legal rights of New Yorkers.'
The sculptor says Fearless Girl has altered his iconic statue's intended message.
"I want there to be real discipline for these officers, because all I want is justice,"
"If the NYPD can patrol effectively on Park Avenue in Manhattan, then they can do it on Park Place in Brooklyn."
"The First Amendment means that the government cannot prohibit SantaCon's expression."
"If they want to quarantine anyone, quarantine the politicians. Because they're pandering and misinforming their constituents."
A federal lawsuit cites eight instances in which the police wrongfully arrested New Yorkers, and seeks to bar city employees from seeking reprisals against those who exercise their First Amendment rights.
The NYPD's "Lucky Bag" sting operation has done a great job nailing people who find a discarded bag and make the mistaking of poking around inside it.
The City chose to dismiss those mask charges "in the interest of justice," which is "a legal move that can be used by prosecutors to dismiss a charge without addressing arguments made by an opponent."
The law was initially adopted in 1845 during the Anti-Rent Era in response to tenants who sought to prevent "distress sales" of their property by dressing up as Native Americans and attacking their landlords.
"We could be in good shape to ask the court for permission to take Ray Kelly's deposition, or Mayor Bloomberg's deposition... to find out what really happened that night."
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