Norman seabrook

'My ego was big and I so badly wanted to impress these people,' he told the judge while begging for mercy.
Norman Seabrook, the longtime union boss of New York City's correction officers, will spend at least four years in prison.
His replacement, along with the rest of the executive board, has been described as being "pretty much under his control."
The prosecution hinges on designer luggage stuffed with $60,000 cash.
He is accused of funneling millions in union money into a hedge fund in exchange for kickbacks.
More revelations about a massive federal probe also targeting businessmen and top cops at the NYPD.
Two top cops have been stripped of their badges, and two others have been transferred.
They may have done favors for major de Blasio backers in exchange for glamorous international vacations.
He faces life in prison.
Prosecutors say guards are slow to turn over evidence.
2014 was the most violent year for the jail in more than a decade.
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