Norman mailer

Matthew Barney premiered his newest work, the 6-hour film River of Fundament on Wednesday at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
The sprawling film is loosely based on Norman Mailer's Ancient Evenings.
Mailer's family said they'll go back on the deal over their dead (and naked) bodies, so the hedge-fund manager is going to have to muster his Armies of the Night to…okay we'll stop.
At a lively memorial for Norman Mailer held yesterday at Carnegie Hall,
At the 1968 Democratic Convention, anti-war activists were denied permits to
Partial cover of the New York Post What would Norman Mailer
Author Norman Mailer passed away at Mt. Sinai Hospital this morning of
News of Norman Mailer’s hospitalization broke today; the cantankerous and influential author
The NY Times is hinting that Brooklyn may be so over, a
Reader Joseph sent us this screenshot of a Barnes & Noble
Garrison Keillor noted during his opening speech for last night's National Book
Just what the world was waiting for! The NY Times reports that
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