Workers contracted by the city for nonprofit work say their wages make it difficult to adequately staff operations.
The human service nonprofits that helped feed and care for so many New Yorkers during the pandemic say they’re now struggling, and need additional financial help.
Much if not all of the classical world is built on a myth of meritocracy.
One skeptic said the move was akin to "putting a Band-Aid on a tumor."
Since its inception in 1999, this nonprofit has helped over 30,000 women prepare to enter the professional world.
We talk to the food advocacy nonprofit Just Food's executive director, Jacquie Berger, about what eating local really means.
Attorney Andrew Cuomo has sued State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada
Mayor Bloomberg, after being awarded the Carnegie Medal For Philanthropy Months
Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Queens) has taken a lot of criticism for
A Queens nonprofit connected to Assemblywoman Vivian Cook spent $560,500 in
After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Grammy Award-winning singer Wyclef Jean's
Congressman Gregory Meeks accepting a check on behalf of Katrina fund
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