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"The new album is a love letter to NYC, connecting New Yorkers around the familiar sounds of urban life that they love and miss."

For residents, the growth has ushered in an ever-changing skyline with record-breaking heights and a huge spike in noise complaints.

'Turns out, not only was the owner of this car inconsiderate to his Queens neighbors, he was also operating it while intoxicated.'

The sound is like 'you're having a terrible migraine headache with pounding. There has to be some way that this could have been modified.'

Subway etiquette reminder: No one wants to hear your game/movie/music.

A new list of the bars and clubs with the longest runs of 311 noise complaints is out.

We ended up with so much honking footage that we have this BONUS cut of outtakes. Enjoy!

From the hatchback's tinnyist toot to the 18-wheeler's flatulent shock wave, we New Yorkers have just accepted horn honking as a jaw-clenching, ear-splitting, fact of life. But why?