"No matter where you stood on the rezoning, whether you're for or against it...this legislation just did harm and did not help anyone.”
“It’s now up to the City Council to do the right thing and say no to this wrongheaded, destructive plan.”
The plan would add affordable housing to two of Manhattan’s wealthiest neighborhoods, and has been the center of contentious fights amongst New Yorkers.
The proposal would bring about 3,200 apartments to the area—800 of which would be below-market rate.
The "Two Chip Chocolate Chip Cookie" debuts this week at the new NoHo location.
The debate has exposed a generational divide, where younger New Yorkers perceive older residents as hoarding privilege.
The woman fell 15 feet down, according to the Ninth Precinct.
The 85-page study is expected to form the basis of the first comprehensive rezoning of SoHo and NoHo in decades.
It's breakfast and lunch only for now, with dinner coming sometime in September.
The selection of Soho and Noho is part of a strategy of Open New York to focus on 'high opportunity' neighborhoods.
The practice has set off alarms among the neighborhood’s old guard of residents and working artists, especially given how community groups in other neighborhoods have felt shut out of behind-the-scenes zoning negotiations.
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