No pants

Possibly the warmest No Pants Subway Ride in its 19 year history.
Hate pants? Have we got an event for you.
The 18th annual No Pants Subway Ride, organized by Charlie Todd's Improv Everywhere, took place on Sunday.
No pants on the subway? Now we've seen everything!
Pantsless people on the subway? Now I've heard everything.
Spring-in-January weather made for an extra fun No Pants party in Union Square afterwards, too.
Today is Christmas for people who are into acquiring communicable diseases from germ-ridden cesspools.
Goodbye SantaCon, hello underwear.
Fortunately, the manspreading was kept to a minimum.
Subway motorman Christopher Chase was written up for participating in the No Pants Subway Ride this winter: "I think it’s stupid."
No pants! On the subway! Now we've seen everything...
Video of this year's No Pants Subway Ride... basically looks like every other year's videos of the No Pants Subway Ride.
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