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Another day, another attempt to knock the so-called "Taxi of Tomorrow" off the road before it is too late.

Today, the TLC signed regulations securing the Nissan NV200 as the official "Taxi of Tomorrow."

Last night the press got up close and personal with the so-called "Taxi of Tomorrow," which handicapped protesters prefer to call the "taxi of yesterday."

The Taxi of Tomorrow is far from beloved, but at least they're installing "magic ceilings" that smell nice and fresh.

The not very popular Nissan model will be hitting the streets in 2013, but first its getting a preview this week at Madison Square.

The TLC today announced that it had approved the Ford Connect for usage as an NYC taxi. Which means we get all of the Taxi of Tomorrow options but the one the people actually liked.

Nissan may have won the TLC's Taxi of Tomorrow competition, but nobody seems to be that excited about it.

The Taxis of Tomorrow will be made by Nissan, the TLC is

In a press conference this afternoon, Mayor Bloomberg announced that Ford is