Ninth district

Romney is scheduled to visit Borough Park Brooklyn next month for a sit-down fundraiser with representatives from the Orthodox Jewish community.
If Koch's endorsement of Turner never felt genuine it's because he specifically said he was doing it to "send a message" to Obama about relations with Israel, not because he agreed with Bob Turner's platform.
Minute into his first day on the job, new New York Congressman Bob Turner made his first public gaffe.
The special election to replace Anthony Weiner in Congress today—which means many in Brooklyn and Queens can finally answer their phones again.
As Democrat David Weprin pulls out the robo-Cuomo calls in the race to replace Anthony Weiner, GOP nominee Bob Turner continues to lead in the polls.
The latest Siena poll has David Weprin trailing his GOP rival Bob Turner by six points and which doesn't leave him much time before Tuesday's special election to bounce back.
The final battle for Anthony Weiner's vacated ninth district seat will come to a head next Tuesday—and Big Poppa Donald Trump has now entered the building.
As Bob "I Created Jerry Springer" Turner keeps pulling in endorsements, his Democratic opponent is pushing out a last minut television blitz.
David Weprin, the Democrat running to replace Anthony Weiner in Congress, has pulled out of tonight's debate because of the weather.
When talking to the Daily News editorial board both Bob Turner and David Weprin scored equally badly on a quiz about the ninth district.
"I probably couldn't go home if I didn't support the Zadroga bill. I have firemen in my family, but is that bill beyond criticism? No."
The September 13th special election to replace Anthony Weiner in Congress is getting closer—and more agressive—by the day.
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