'Super Mario Odyssey,' the new Nintendo game featuring everyone's favorite Italian plumber, features a city that looks suspiciously like New York.
A New Jersey man who dresses up as Super Mario in Times Square and charges tourists for photos was arrested last night for allegedly groping a woman
Of course Timothy Leary had a Nintendo Power Glove.
It seems Google has fired the first April Fools Day shot early by introducing their latest product: Google Maps in 8-Bit for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
The scientists at Ithaca College have been working hard on what is
Ah, young love. Anthony Etienne, 17, decided the only thing that
Does this map sort of make you feel like you are
Crazy Legs Conti, left, Timothy Janus, right, courtesy IFOCE. Attention competitive eating
Because Mario Kart Wii is launching next week, the folks at
Remember how a few years ago a 19-year-old girl climbed down onto
Who says the Wii is only for the young - or
Opening this past weekend and running through June 30th is Seattle artist
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