'I don’t want to be associated with NIMBYs.'
200 Amsterdam is slated to be the tallest building on the West Side north of 61st Street.
Let's turn the clock back to the early '10s, a period when out-of-touch reactionary conservatives and NIMBYs were frothing at the mouth over how Citi Bike would destroy everything good and beautiful about NYC.
Last night's Brooklyn Community Board 6 meeting was one for the ages.
This question comes from a Brooklyn resident who feels Gothamist's coverage of recent incidents in Brooklyn Bridge Park have portrayed local residents in an unflattering light.
The two buildings, which were intended to be built over Pier 6, were supposed to include a 315-foot-high tower with 339 apartments.
Not everyone's a fan of the "trick" portion of "trick-or-treat," apparently.
The bar and its supporters will appear in front of the Community Board Two SLA Committee to plead their case for the approval of an application for a liquor license.
Neighbors of a new veggie burger joint don't want patrons sitting on their tree benches.
Alex Stupak's Empellon Al Pastor on St. Marks Place has begun a petition to get outdoor seating approval from the Community Board.
20 of those shelters are for families with children, who comprise 24,760 of the 57,390 people in the shelter system.
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