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The city is also moving shelter residents from a hotel in Long Island City.

Local elected officials are promising a legal challenge to prevent a trio of skyscrapers from rising in the Lower East Side.

A popular new bike lane in Queens has been bombarded with thumb tacks, in what cyclists and elected officials suspect is a vigilante attack.

The grim jail on the water would be replaced with smaller facilities in each of the boroughs.

One attorney said proposed legislation would "provide the NIMBY crowd with tools that they can use."

The decision ends an 11-year lawsuit by the family of a young boy struck on a notorious Brooklyn street by a speeding, unlicensed driver.

"This is not a NIMBY conversation," said Councilmember Robert Cornegy.

"If they decide that they're going to [close the pier] it's not a discussion," a spokeswoman for the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation said. "We follow their lead."

"When people say the solution here is to get rid of the basketball courts... [that] seems to be code for, 'We should make the park unattractive for certain demographics.'"

The floating power plant would provide emergency electricity in the case of a natural disaster or terrorist attack.