"These rats were crawling all over him and he was fearful of screaming out because he didn’t want them to go in his mouth or further agitate them."
The man fell down a sidewalk hole nearly 15 feet.
The first responders used a bolt cutter to 'dislodge' the umbrella.
"I'd say from now until Jan 21, 2021 Fifth Avenue will have one or more lanes closed for security reasons every day."
Even the hotel manager was apparently "trembling, covering his mouth" when he saw the mattress filled with bugs.
A common New York City nightmare became a tragic reality yesterday for a pedestrian who fell to his death through a flimsy cellar grate in Bed-Stuy.
He suffered head and chest trauma.
A woman claims that her Uber driver zigzagged across Manhattan to run up her bill.
Do not try this at home.
LA LA LA LA LA this is not a video of a snake on the subway LA LA LA LA LA.
Great news for bored New Yorkers looking to spice up their cockroach life: a new species of roach has been discovered in Manhattan, and this one isn't fazed by cold weather.
Just forget it.
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