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Gothamist explored the city’s alcohol-free nightlife offerings, where event planners, business owners and patrons are envisioning a more lucid nightlife experience.

“We've all grown exhausted by all this stuff. Financially, this doesn't help. I don't want to do anything to turn a single person away. All I want to do is sell wine and put on music."

The mayor’s latest mental health program targets nightlife and entertainment.

The "Zoning for Dancing" resolution calls for dancing and entertainment to be allowed everywhere in the city for establishments with 200 people or less.

An East Village spot notorious for its pandemic parties has sued the State Liquor Authority after they voted to revoke their liquor license and shut them down.

"We’re getting a lot of positive feedback. As long as that's happening, we don’t feel like we’re doing anything wrong."

The parties, which are billed as the "most exclusive" in New York, cost thousands for a table, and regularly go past the 11 p.m. outdoor dining curfew.

The City wants to make Hell Square a little less hellish for locals.

'I'm still very skeptical there's a need for this type of enforcement, particularly when there's no instance of violence taking place,' City Councilmember Stephen Levin said at a hearing yesterday.

Where is the biggest nightlife growth in the city happening? What exactly is the office planning to do to help promote and protect DIY venues in the future?