An overflow crowd of patrons and musicians turned up at the popular Christopher Street dive bar, which was forced to close because of lost revenue during the pandemic.
There's no sign outside but it's called The Gradient, and it appears to be both a nightclub and vegetarian restaurant.
Output, the venerable Williamsburg dance club known for its late-night house-and-techno parties, will shut its doors for good next month.
Prosecutors also allege that he threw a chair and glasses when confronted.
The alleged shooter and victim were apparently friends.
It happened at 4 a.m., at Motivo.
No arrests have been made.
The A.G.'s office opened an investigation and found that Circle had in fact been excluding non-Korean clubgoers.
She told the adoring crowd, "I've had ups and downs in my career—but you guys have never left me! I was out, I was uncool...but you've always been there."
A hostess at a Midtown nightclub is suing her employers after going nearly deaf in one ear thanks to too-loud music.
At first, security guards didn't let club goers out because they demanded they pay their bills.
The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived, folks.
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