Night market

Thousands showed up for opening night earlier this month, and it happens again on September 9th.
St. Albans Park on Sunday served as the lively scene of a first ever night market in southeast Queens.
Tamales, Latkes, Empanadas, and limited run beer. Check it out the last Saturday of each month through October, at the Fordham BID.
Food items are capped at $5 for nearly all of the vendors—the absolutely top-out is $6—and the beer and wine garden will also top out at $5 beverages.
Autumn eats under the stars.
Want more delicious bao, dumplings, noodles and grilled squid in July? Step right this way...
The inaugural market night is this Saturday, April 25th, with over 25 food vendors plus more selling art and merchandise.
Stock up on your eggs and ramps at more reasonable evening hours—or just booze in the park like a boss.
Night Market, a two-night food and beer event, takes over the Old Bowery Station later this month.
Against all odds, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is happening next month.
By the length of the lines and the quality of the participants it can be hard to believe that the the Luckyrice festival, which continues through Sunday, only came to life in 2010.
The San Francisco Underground Market (SMG3er's flickr). When it comes to
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