Niagara falls

The Iron Scow lodged itself in the Niagara River in 1918, and didn't move for over a century. Until Thursday.
He was reportedly found with a life vest.
"I personally have never seen Niagara Falls frozen like that before. It was spectacular to capture."
Niagara Falls isn't fully frozen over, but it is suffering from a mean case of seasonal defective falls disorder.
But it doesn't sound like he would do this again: "That climb beat me up. I may have reached the top, but Niagara won the war. At the end of the day I was hypothermic."
As you can see in the pictures above and videos below, there's a damn good reason why tourists have been flocking there all week.
One vortex vanquishes another, as Niagara Falls (on the American side) has frozen over.
Last month, tightrope wiz Nik Wallenda made history by walking across Niagara Falls on a high-wire; but now, upstate NY's City of Niagara Falls says Wallenda stiffed them out of a $25,000 bill.
High-wire superstar Nik Wallenda put us all to shame last night by walking across Niagara Falls, on a tightrope, becoming the first person to do so successfully in over a century.
Tonight you can watch a man attempt to cross Niagara Falls on a wire.
The outcome is a common one for drunken brawls, as most of those involved are either reluctant to testify or were too intoxicated to do so credibly.
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