Newtown creek

“I’ve been out on the harbor every week for ten years and I’ve never seen anything like that.”
The driver of the Civic was headed west on Borden Avenue near the Long Island Expressway “at a high rate of speed” when the driver lost control, officials said.
Here you can contemplate a curated collection of native plant species and simultaneously reflect on the ramifications of centuries of industrial pollution.
The 'Lost Islands of New York' event happened over the weekend.
How the fatberg sausage is made, and how to unmake it.
Newtown Creek is not ruined beyond repair. A recent boat tour revealed that despite its long legacy of industrial abuse, resilient signs of life continue to emerge.
Some say Cthulhu slumbers deep in the Pacific Ocean. Others, the Newtown Creek.
Swastikas were found in Hell's Kitchen, near Newtown Creek and in the home of a football player for the Giants this week.
According to a new whistleblower lawsuit, Newtown Creek is even more disgusting that we previously thought.
High tides swept away a portion of the bulkhead that lines the toxic creek, but whose responsibility is it to repair it?
The man who swam the Gowanus earlier this year has just taken a 4.5 hour dip in Newtown Creek.
More poison for the poison cauldron!
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