News corp

"Why are all black men women-beaters?" the now-former director of accounting allegedly asked one worker.
He had been dismissed last year, apparently over an unflattering Facebook photo of the chief of police.
The man was apparently upset that he was fired from his job.
Kelly could consult on security issues for the White House OR Rupert Murdoch!
"We believe that Aereo is pirating our broadcast signal."
"The Boys Are Back In Town" was playing when Murdoch entered the building.
It looks like Rupert Murdoch truly is trying to divest himself of his newspaper holdings.
How bad has the News Corp.'s British phone-tapping scandal gotten? So bad that earlier today a group of British lawmakers issued a report that called Rupert Murdoch unfit to lead his empire.
In the end, it wasn't Rupert Murdoch's knife-wielding Oz monkeys who came for FOX "mole" Joe Muto, but the Manhattan DA's office.
A FOX News spokesman says, "We've found the person and we're exploring legal options at this time."
Fredric Dicker's paychecks happen to be cut by a little company called News Corp, which paid an effective state tax rate of 3.7% instead of the standard 7.1%.
The paper's response to criticisms of their coverage of the Greg Kelly rape accusations reflects a piercing hatred for basic literacy and is a new low, even for the Limbo of tabloids.
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