Newark airport

The decision caps a years-long fight between Newark and its police union that began in 2016.
The prisoner escaped Customs and Border patrol custody after reportedly climbing through the ceiling during a "routine" bathroom trip in Terminal C.
Everyone was in a panic. There were people outside crying. It was terrifying.
Under the proposal, both airport AirTrain fees to will jump to $7.75, a 55 percent increase from their current $5 price.
Laguardia has announced over 400 cancellations, JFK cut 200 flights, and Newark has so far slashed 100.
The FDNY putting out a five-alarm in Bedford-Stuyvesant while an eight-alarm fire destroyed the iconic Marcal paper factory in Elmwood Park, NJ.
The drone sighting prompted a brief ground stop on flights arriving to Newark on Tuesday night.
Further, the FAA says that drones are not allowed to be flown over 400 feet or 30 minutes after sundown.
United flight 179 got stuck at a Canadian Royal Air Force base overnight, in extremely subzero temperatures.
The .22 was tied to a suitcase frame underneath the lining.
The pressure cooker was reportedly found outside Terminal A.
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