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Despite winning a World Series in 2009 and making the playoffs six more times, Joe Girardi will not be brought back as Yankee manager.
Just as a dog should not walk on his hind legs, it is against the rules of nature for a Red Sox fan to root for the Yankees.
Alex Rodriguez will play his final major league baseball game on Friday, before moving on to being a minor league instructor with the Yankees.
Yankee's vice president and security chief Sonny Hight, who was caught on tape discussing a ticket that Yankees' head of stadium operations received with a NYPD union trustee, is also scheduled to testify.
Fans lined up outside the Fifth Avenue Barnes & Noble to
To celebrate tomorrow's final game at Yankee Stadium, the team will allow
With his financial records under the public microscope after revelations of a
Yes and no. The name “Polo Grounds” was originally just a generic
Photograph of Fidel Castro from 2006, proving he was alive after
Photo of Andy Pettitte talking to the media by AP/Julie Jacobson
Derek Jeter's mom is claiming that her son wouldn't cheat on his
It looks like Alex Rodriguez is set to come back as a
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