New york state pavilion

An ideas competition drew over 250 proposals for the pavilion's restoration.
A brief light show took place at the old World's Fair site this week.
Following a documentary on the Pavilion, it will be lit up for during light show.
The Pavilion has been re-coated in its original yellow hue.
Just need like $46 million more to get it back to how it used to be!
Warhol's panels were installed on April 15th, a week before the World's Fair opening, but washed out with silver paint days later after some higher ups objected.
Cats has the cash to save the New York State Pavilion at the former World's Fair site.
It's been closed down since 1987, but you can go for three hours on one day in April.
“We should do whatever it takes to make sure the Pavilion remains standing for future generations to enjoy," said Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.
The public and officials gather to dream up possibilities for the World's Fair relic.
The New York State Pavilion needs at least $43 million in order to survive.
The Federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation seeks "local champions" to help with these decaying landmarks in Queens.
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