New york state

Some advocates worry that work and immigration requirements will still dampen access
Depending on who you ask, the mayor’s belief in crypto is either foolish hype or brilliant branding.
With 25% of NY health care workers as yet unboosted, the state seeks to avoid staffing shortages
By joining a party, a registered New York voter can secure access to the June primary elections.
A program to empower small dollar donors faces obstacles before it starts — plus an FAQ about what it is.
Representatives for communities of color say Democrats' redrawn district lines dilute their power.
Democrats drew the maps and voted to approve them. Now Republicans are challenging in court.
“I wanted to find out whether or not this was based on actual evidence," state Senator Zellnor Myrie said.
The former New York City Mayor said while he’s not running, he remains committed to fighting inequality.
Aides who care for elderly and disabled New Yorkers in their homes are paid for 13 hours of each 24-hour shift — a policy that was upheld under Cuomo
The New York governor laid out more than 220 policy proposals and initiatives, but some pressing issues were noticeably absent.
The former New York governor had been facing a misdemeanor forcible touching complaint. But a clash between the Albany County district attorney and sheriff seems to have led to its demise.
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