New york road runners

The chief executive of the New York Road Runners, the nonprofit behind the NYC Marathon, will step down following allegations that he fostered a toxic and racist work culture at the running club.
The non-profit held a pilot event over the weekend.
Huge crowds of spectators turned out for the 26.2-mile-long block party.
Here's what's closed and when, lest you get trampled by a few thousand runners.
Also: No garbage cans along the route.
Our long local marathon nightmare is finally at an end.
"There's no change to what Mary said about guaranteed entry in 2013. We were solely communicating about the 9 plus 1 credit."
It it looks like the NYRR's at it again, making it unclear whether 2012's registered runners are guaranteed a slot in next year's race as promised.
There are generators, blankets, and a lot of food sitting in Central Park, that could be distributed amongst the city's devastated areas.
Marathon entrants are using their legs to run donations down to Staten Island communities.
Today, the NYRR sent out an email making the announcement, claiming that it was the "resulting extensive and growing media coverage antagonistic to the marathon and its participants," that led to the event's cancellation.
Now there are two options: Baggage check or no baggage check.
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