New york knicks

Chris Herring's new book, Blood In The Garden, explores the triumphs and heartbreaks of the New York Knicks and offers an expansive look at the team in the 1990s.
Could the star-studded Nets await them?
After a fight on the court, the crowd erupted into an aspirational chant.
The decades-long inaction can partially be explained by the odd nature of the tax break: It's the city losing tax revenue as a result, but the city council has no say over state law.
The Knicks did not get Kevin Durant, despite owner James Dolan's proclamation they would make a big signing.
New footage appears to show the MSG Chairman directing security to eject Oakley during a game last year, then giving a thumbs up after a melee ensued, according to court papers
The suit also suggests that Dolan is responsible for the Knicks becoming a "a laughingstock in the NBA, decried for their incompetence both on and off the court."
Oakley says, "I love NYC"
Police say that Oakley punched three security guards.
Let this wholly organic #Knicks #Tweet make the naysayers cease to bray "nay."
The Times names Steve Kerr as a likely replacement, because Kerr is familiar with Jackson's famous triangle offense and is able to withstand the immense power and excruciating mental toll of Jackson's clairvoyance.
But, Jackson could not deliver exactly what New Yorkers wanted to hear: a concrete day or time when the Knicks will start winning championships again.
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