New york harbor

The annual return of these aquatic mammals to the city’s harbor could signify improvements in coastal water quality and bring a renewed commitment to protecting local wildlife even in urban areas.
Cuomo's "surprise" fireworks celebration marked New York's high vaccination rate.
This is part of a statewide effort to restore water habitats.
The 240-foot Hasna, currently owned by an Australian multi-millionaire who's actively looking to sell, is only the latest of its invasive superyacht species to darken Lady Liberty's doorstep.
Wave to the Rockawhale!
It's probably the same whale that was spotted near Liberty Island on Thursday.
He managed to float from Jersey City to Governor's Island.
"No one ever leaves the job early," Blake said. "They say, 'I’ve done this for 10 years, I'm going to be something else.' They don’t. You’re part of the club. Nobody leaves."
It's been 96 years since NYC hosted the race.
Racing will take place in New York Harbor on May 7 and 8.
New York waters yielded twice as much as New Jersey's.
A necropsy performed on a 45-foot-long sei whale found dead in New York Harbor on Monday showed that the creature suffered blunt-force trauma.
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