New york civil liberties union

“You need to film as much as possible while keeping the privacy of others as safe as possible,” an NYCLU organizer recommended to protesters.
Under a new plan, some cops accused of wrongdoing won't face
The NYPD is defending Officer Dawn Ortiz, who shot and killed a
A Columbia grad student, Arun Wiita, and the New York Civil Liberties
The Mayor's Office of Theater, Film, and Broadcasting, which coordinates film
The New York Times takes a look at Rafael Martínez Alequin, who
A judge sided with the city and is allowing police files
Maybe it was the umpteenth “F Bush” tag that seen in
The Civilian Complaint Review Board says that police cannot seize people's "police
Is Toys 'R Us right to not want to be Ta-Tas
Whew. The Police seem to be scaling back their much stricter
Udi Ofer is the Director of the New York Civil Liberties Union's
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