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An Italian man who went missing for two days after completing the New York City Marathon has been found.

Even if you're not running on Sunday, do you really need an excuse to gorge on delicious bready delights?

With the NYC Marathon this weekend, there isn't much time for Central Park to clean up all the trees damaged in last weekend's snow storm.

Photograph by Bryan! on Flickr Things are heating up in marathon

Despite rising numbers of local participants running in its races, the New

Photo of marathon runners last year by sgoralnick on flickr This

Photo of by Tomoharu Mizuno (snowman) djwerdna on flickr; Mizuno finished

Photograph the 2006 New York City Marathon finish line by CraigsPage

The ING New York City Marathon is just a mere 25 days

Instead of being scrapped after almost 15 years of faithful service,