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Hundreds of families in the O’Dwyer Gardens have been calling for the city to restore cooking gas since construction broke ground on NYCHA’s Resilience and Recovery project in February.

Thousands of NYCHA residents were left without running water in their apartments this weekend, forcing some tenants to collect their own from a fire hydrant on Sunday night.

Insect and vermin infestations. Leaky ceilings. Families poisoned by lead paint. Mold and broken elevators.

And he's resurrecting a version of Bloomberg's plan to sell off NYCHA land to developers.

Starting this week, the city will be installing security cameras in six public housing developments citywide.

The NYC Housing Authority is under fire today for its failure to install surveillance cameras in the city's public housing developments

This video of rats running around the Morris Houses is chilling.

A new playground should be something to celebrate... except when the

Oh, the wacky world of municipal agency billing! The New York City