New york city department of health

The shift in policy means hundreds of additional children will now be eligible for city-funded services each year, amounting to a 50% increase in the city’s annual caseloads of lead exposure.
City officials are still grappling with ways to increase booster rates as fears of another virus variant loom.
Frontline workers told Gothamist about their fatigue, their fears and their hopes for the future after nearly two years testing New Yorkers for COVID-19.
The synthetic opioid was found in nearly one in 10 bags of coke seized by the NYPD in April.
In recent weeks, volunteers from two mutual aid groups offered information, directions and free rides to about 700 people who showed up at the old location.
Health officials also said that the study, which is yet to be released, found that wearing masks reduced the risk of infection by 40%.
The number of people admitted to hospitals for COVID-19 citywide jumped more than 62% last month.
A 31-year-old emergency room doctor said all the fears about the coronavirus have caused a surge in people asking to be tested.
He is accused of grabbing a woman's buttocks against her will inside his Brooklyn Heights residence last year.
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