New york city council

The City Council speaker adamantly rejected reports that she sought to punish members who voted against the budget.
Lawyers made their case in court for the first time Tuesday six months after the law took effect.
Four more hearings will be held across the city.
If passed, the bills aim to make childcare more easily accessible and more affordable for all New York City parents
A population boost and the pandemic have inspired Asian communities to mobilize.
Members of New York City’s Council are calling for an extra $1.3 billion in spending to be added to next year’s budget.
She spent more than two decades as a teacher at P.S. 6 in Brooklyn, where she was most recently an English as a New Language (ENL) coordinator.
Mayor Adams has called the creation of a program a “moral imperative” for the city.
Adams was elected as speaker by a vote of 49 to 2.
Since the rezoning in 2016, just 100 subsidized units have opened their doors to tenants.
Adams served in the private sector for 20 years before moving onto public service.
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