New years

Over 200 sanitation workers and supervisors were deployed to clean up the area.
The new numbers are in Times Square, harkening the upcoming election year.
Guess how strong the wind will be tomorrow morning, I dare you!
First, don't go outside. Oh no, you're outside?! Okay, we can fix this.
Remember that? Neither do we, but thankfully someone took photos.
It's cool to hate New Year's Eve, since what's there to love, really? Nothing...except everything.
"If this is the worst you're going to feel all year, you're way ahead of the game."
Netflix may taketh, but it giveth in equal measure, for they have added a buttload of new movies that you can spend your snowcation binging on.
The main attraction, however, was the murderers' row of ten of Conrad Milster's most massive whistles, all different sizes and pitches, which were blasted simultaneously at midnight.
This post is brought to you by our advertiser, TipTop NYC. Ahhh,
Like Aristotle once said, fear is pain arising from the anticipation of the loss of streaming movies from Netflix.
"They're the loudest things you've ever heard, you feel the sound not just in your chest but all throughout you body."
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