New restaurant

The Flatiron district has a new restaurant. And while it has a groaner of a name—try and say Prandial and not hate yourself—it isn't a bad addition to the neighborhood. "Progressive American" food, anyone?
It is a good time for tequila fans in Manhattan. The latest spot to sip the drink on the isle is Hell's Kitchen's Añejo Tequileria, from executive chef (and former Top Chefer) Angelo Sosa.
Mercado, the latest restaurant to come to Williamsburg, is offering Brooklynites a taste of Spain's Basque region.
A handful of promising new restaurants are cropping up in what has been described as "a vast wasteland when it comes to good food." But is it enough?
The joint isn't that big, but its pretty much exactly what you'd expect of a Gowanus clam shack with chef Alan Harding (Gowanus Yacht Club, The Farm on Adderley, Chopped!) in the kitchen.
After charming Williamsburg with its fancy fried pizzas, Forcella is giving the Bowery a whirl.
Can "haute" Peruvian cuisine succeed where Tabla failed?
There's a new ramen contender in town, and unlike pretty much every other major player in the city's noodle scene, this one's in Brooklyn. Meet Chuko.
The embattled American Apparel founder has found a new career direction.
A new fraternity-themed restaurant in NYU territory gets us thinking about some other frattastic food trends we'd rather not see.
Upon walking into Eataly, the mammoth new food experience from Joe Bastianich,
Todd English can't stop, won't stop. Having just slapped his celebrated name
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