New meadowlands

Despite the best efforts of adulterous affairs website AshleyMadison, MetLife ended up winning the biding battle for naming rights on the New Meadowlands; the stadium has now been christened MetLife Stadium.
jag9889's Flickr After the Jets' narrow win over the Texans yesterday,
A power outage plunged over 80,000 football fans into darkness at
Though Jets fans were happy to watch Brett Favre fumble his way
Tired of having to drag around those little, sticky miracles of life
Proof that all you need is a crowd of thousands cheering
The Giants and Jets practiced on their new home turf, the new
With the Super Bowl on its way to the New Meadowlands,
Now that New York-New Jersey will be hosting the 2014 Super Bowl,
The NFL team owners have convened and voted the New Meadowlands
To East Rutherford, perchance, to dream: Today, the NFL will vote on
The NFL announced yesterday that the Giants would get the first
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