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A passenger called 911 to remind NJ Transit they were still on the train. "They forgot us on the train.... They don't even know where trains are."

Despite the president's talk on infrastructure, federal support for maintaining the crucial rail link is less clear than ever.

The driver of one of the buses was hospitalized, and 14 others sustained minor injuries.

At least a dozen people have been hospitalized after two buses collided in the Lincoln Tunnel this morning.

if you're planning to pre-game the Day of Hell, you'll have to stick with surreptitiously brown-bagging it on the platform. Or you could just stay home.

Transit agencies struggle to accomodate the ever-expanding waistlines of their passengers.

Two teenagers were killed by a New Jersey Transit train as it passed over a railroad bridge over Route 46 in Wayne last night.

In all, five Babylon Branch trains and four Port Washington branch trains will be cancelled this evening. Here's a list of the cancelled trains, and those that will be available.

Bidding between advertising companies has gotten so fierce, one "filed a protest" against the state because it alleges that it's offer of $65 million for the contract was rejected for one that was $53.3 million

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called his cancellation of the Trans-Hudson