New films

Day Night Day Night (directed by Julia Loktev) Living in New York
You may have noticed that many tickets for the upcoming Tribeca Film
Don't you just love that feeling of "discovering" a new artist that
This week the box office juggernaut that is the new X-Men sequel
For New York moviegoers, this is a good week for those who
It looks like Martin Scorsese will be trying his hand at the
The best cop movie Gothamist has seen this year, Infernal Affairs,
Seabiscuit finally opens, after two years of reading about the plucky horse,
It was so great to open up Filmmaker magazine and see our
The last film on deck for Gothamist's run at New Directors/New Films
Alice Tully Hall is where many films for The New York Film
Tonight, I'm going to see Infernal Affairs, an extremely suspenseful, twisty Hong
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