A combination of lax state oversight and rent law loopholes mean landlords could have a field day.
The judges said that the Bloomberg administration improperly signed off on the plan without seeking the state legislative approval needed when giving away parkland.
The process could lead to the groups, many of them houses of worship, losing their properties.
A Comptroller's Office report finds that, when it comes to developers breaking their promises to maintain public space, not much has changed since the late '90s.
The mayor had promised that it would.
Public money, private decision-making.
"It's time to make [privately owned public space] great again."
"You ever see those animals at the Bronx Zoo? That's how I feel."
"It's like the city is actually paying Donald Trump to run a luxury golf course that caters to the rich."
The privately funded plaza will offer soothing views of Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge traffic.
"There are many city streets that are over-built for cars. There's virtually cities trapped between the lanes."
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