Two men were rescued by the police yesterday after they fell into Jamaica Bay while kayaking post-Nemo.
A reward for those who resisted the urge to stare out their windows all night Friday to watch the proverbial pot boil.
There are plenty of post-blizzard appropriate meals you can make pretty quickly. Below, you can find five of our favorites.
While you were huddled indoors with your Seamless order, Mariah Carey had a decidedly different approach to dealing with the snowstorm: "Re-Christmas Day."
On this official NYC Snow Day, we encourage you to go forth and shake out the cobwebs like the shirtless jogger above, who was captured running through Central Park early this morning.
Now that we haven't all been swept away in an arctic Nemo-induced sea of devil snow, it's time to go out and frolic the season's first (and only?) awesome snowfall.
The elusive Thundersnow event, the "holy grail" of meteorological events, was captured on camera during last night's blizzard. Watch below, and see the sky literally turn purple!
"I think it’s fair to say that we were very lucky," Bloomberg told reporters this morning after the nor'easter blew through the East Coast last night. "It looks like we've dodged a bullet."
The Suffolk County Police spent the night helping disabled motorists to diners, hotels and gas stations, even finding some of their own police vehicles stuck.
Cuomo declared a state of emergency for NY, the MTA may briefly suspend service later, but first let's hear some terrible jokes! "You've heard of 'Finding Nemo'," Cuomo said. "It seems that Nemo found us."
Mayor Bloomberg is using the Weather Channel's winter storm names, Deal With It.
Finally, as the end-of-the-universe snowstorm hits us today, the city is rolling out their long-awaited PlowNYC website, which lets people track plows in real-time via GPS
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