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The child sat on the bus for the duration of the school day in the bitter cold.

A Bronx resident was arrested by ASPCA agents yesterday for allegedly neglecting and starving her two seven-month-old pit bulls, named Cagney and Lacey.

A Jersey City mom is under arrested for leaving her kids home alone. "They didn't know how to eat with forks," said the 16-year-old who took charge of the situation.

Photo via yojimbot's flickr Speaking of parks, locals are speaking out

Photo via Mr. Geneko's Flickr The Unisphere, the once shining centerpiece

What is it about dilapidated hospitals that are make them so beautiful?

Yesterday, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced that a former Administration for

The daughter of the woman who was neglected in a hospital waiting

The NY Post has a two-part series alleging that city parks, which

After a surveillance video showed hospital staff ignoring a psychiatric patient's last