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How will Lifetime transition from "woman in distress seeks revenge" movies to
Last November American Gangster went head-to-head with Bee Movie at the box
A look at some noteworthy television this week: The Simpsons (Sunday, 8:00
If you watch the reality shows, you probably wonder at the random,
Since the only truly green event is the one that doesn't happen,
Chung chung! NBC and producer Dick Wolf have hashed out a
The nightmare is partly over: MSNBC has finally decided to drop Don
Calling Law & Order: Parent Company Embezzlement Team, because the former treasurer
Youthful chutzpah, laminating arrogance, or plain stupid? The Queens DA's office has
Way back in 2004, the city announced its super duper special
Vital Stats: - Chris Steib - 26 years old - Born in
Jay McCarroll, you rule. Not only do you win Project Runway, but
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