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What do Owen Wilson, Kim Kardashian West, Rami Malek and Jason Sudeikis have in common? They're all hosting SNL next month.

"I adored him. He was full of spirit and joy and humor. He was the pro of pros."

‘It hurt so bad. I remember thinking, Is this normal?'

'The suggestion to take the story to another outlet was first raised by NBC, not me, and I took them up on it only after it became clear that I was being blocked from further reporting.'

'Three days before Ronan and I were going to head to L.A. to interview a woman with a credible rape allegation against Harvey Weinstein, I was ordered to stop, not to interview this woman.'

Halperin has since announced that he will be leaving MSNBC, admitting that his conduct was "inappropriate," while also denying the specific allegations.

Megyn Kelly's new NBC morning show seems to be getting off to a rough start.

Mike Schur walks us through how he crafted the first season of the wonderful 'The Good Place.'

The trailer even features a musical number that comments on how unrealistic their NYC apartments are.

Move over 'Prison Break,' 'Twin Peaks' and 'The X-Files'—it's 'Will & Grace's' turn for a revival.