The footage comes as a growing number of Patriot Front-linked posters have raised alarm in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, prompting an NYPD investigation and stern rebukes from local officials and residents.
'Few alt-right performers of the Trump era have produced as much propaganda in terms of raw megabytes as Jordan.'
The artwork was looted in 1943 from a private collection in France.
Fox News is declining to run an ad for a documentary warning against the potential for fascism to take root in the United States, featuring footage from an actual Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden.
The suspect was back at it again bright and early Sunday morning, when police say he wrote "Nazi pigs" and drew swastikas on the side of four FDNY ambulances.
The investigation follows allegations of racist harassment against tenants, and comes after a neighborhood resident tore the offending imagery down himself.
We spoke with a Nazi historian to better understand what the American Nazis then can tell us about the American Nazis now.
The group required that members be "of German extraction" until last year, and the state says that discriminatory rules remained in place.
One of the Proud Boys urged the others to join him in battling the "faggots wearing black that won’t let us in."
"Calling Nazis and white supremacists the alt-right is like calling O.J. Simpson a cutlery enthusiast."
Chipotle was the latest victim of a Twitter hack late Saturday night—by no less than racist anti-government Nazis!
Better late than never?
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