2,600 members of the Navy, Coast Guard and Marines are expected.
Festivities start in earnest on Wednesday, with the Parade of Ships.
There's a search and rescue demo, and dive demos, too!
SoHo restaurant Navy wants to take over a pastry cafe, and neighbors are not happy.
Hello, sailors!
The city will be filled with men in uniform. Hallelujah.
He reportedly tricked the girl into signing a "sex contract" and threatened to go after her great-grandmother for breach of contract if she didn't put out.
The student and his instructor ejected the plane shortly before it slammed into the building's courtyard at 170 miles per hour.
The huge white blimp flying at altitudes of 1,000 feet and below belongs to the Navy.
Fleet Week is happening! Check out videos of the Coast Guard's Silent Drill in Times Square below, as well as more info about the rest of the weekend's events.
Thousands of sailors descend on New York today giving the city a chance to tour their boats and, uh, service our nation's servicemen.
Hello, sailor, it's Fleet Week 2010! Ships have been making their
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