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Greenidge Generation, a cryptocurrency farm housed in a natural gas plant, has remained open while it appeals a denied air permit. It now faces questions around its water permit and its potential destruction of aquatic wildlife.

Scientists at CUNY and the American Museum of Natural History warn that as they learn more about the incredible evolutionary traits of these iceberg-dwelling fish, time is not on their side.

There are roughly 8,000 piping plovers in the entire world.

A new Rutgers study finds humpback whale visits are increasing to the waters around New York City, and the marine mammals are staying longer than in the past.

Lawmakers approved a bill last Wednesday to hand management of the School of Conservation to a nonprofit run by the school’s longtime supporters.

The annual return of these aquatic mammals to the city’s harbor could signify improvements in coastal water quality and bring a renewed commitment to protecting local wildlife even in urban areas.

The next two city sites under development are located in Staten Island along the Arthur Kill and are part of a larger plan to develop an offshore wind supply chain network in New York City.

April 22nd marks the start International Dark Sky Week, a reminder that light pollution has impacts on human health, animals, plants and climate change.

Most of these historic fruits were once plentiful on the city’s grassy knolls and hills. But they’ve since been mostly lost to climate change and mass agriculture.

State-first sightings are a big deal to birders, and this one set the avian world atwitter.