Natural gas

Despite their complaints about Murphy, environmentalists say his Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli would be worse. But they’re still calling on the incumbent to stop the expansion of natural gas.
Some environmentalists celebrated the closure due to the energy plant’s proximity to New York City, but it has sinister immediate implications for the state’s climate goals.
New York City consumes massive amounts of natural gas to stay warm and run stoves. Energy experts say there is a greener way forward.
National Grid has been building out a natural gas pipeline from Brownsville to Greenpoint since 2018.
'They have an obligation to serve all customers, and that’s the underpinning of their franchise.'
The company building the pipeline, and its parent company, have a long and checkered safety record.
Schumer cites statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration which showed wholesale electricity costs more than tripled between January and February of this year.
The Harlem blast was caused by a natural gas leak, and at least some of the devastation might have been preventable.
Meatpacking residents fear that their posh digs may be blown to smithereens a new gas pipeline approved to begin pumping natural gas on November 1.
The OEM isn't baking you a Monday treat, it's upgrading a gas pipeline.
Is this something we should be worried about, or are the anti-Spectra people scaremongering?
One of the best cheap dates in town is going to get a little greener this year.
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