Natural gas

Greenidge Generation, the natural gas-fueled facility, is supposed to close under the decision. But its owners plan to keep operating, as they fight for an appeal.
Department of Environmental Conservation wants the Public Service Commission to rule on whether the expansion would truly make the energy supply more reliable.
New York’s natural gas provider says it is transitioning to “biogas” naturally released from landfills, wastewater or cow farms. But would the project reduce carbon emissions, or is it full of manure?
Two Cornell University researchers showed Monday that much of the review could be conducted in less than a week with free online tools.
Since spring 2020, the Greenidge Generation natural gas plant in Dresden has powered a 24-7 bitcoin mining operation that is endangering the region environmentally, according to some residents.
As energy provider National Grid awaits New York’s final answer on the air permit for two new liquid natural gas vaporizers, community groups are putting pressure on Hochul to reject it, citing violation of environmental laws.
Despite their complaints about Murphy, environmentalists say his Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli would be worse. But they’re still calling on the incumbent to stop the expansion of natural gas.
Some environmentalists celebrated the closure due to the energy plant’s proximity to New York City, but it has sinister immediate implications for the state’s climate goals.
New York City consumes massive amounts of natural gas to stay warm and run stoves. Energy experts say there is a greener way forward.
National Grid has been building out a natural gas pipeline from Brownsville to Greenpoint since 2018.
'They have an obligation to serve all customers, and that’s the underpinning of their franchise.'
The company building the pipeline, and its parent company, have a long and checkered safety record.
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