National weather service

Hail and heavy winds could be en route to the Garden State.
There were some really nice days this week. That's all over now.
Temperatures in the metro region are expected to drop, bringing freezing rain and ice
Hundreds of flights were already canceled in the area as of Friday morning.
Brace for a week of hot rain.
The National Weather Service didn't downgrade their storm warning at the eleventh hour out of an abundance of caution that you would no longer be cautious.
It's never going to snow again, so enjoy your barren Christmas.
It's not supposed to stop until tomorrow afternoon.
While temperatures will reach the mid-90s, "the combination of heat and humidity is expected to make it feel like it is 105 degrees or greater."
Have you started freaking out about the hybrid hurricane/winter storm that is due to hit the city this weekend (during a full moon no less)? Because the MTA and National Weather Service have!
We might see 70 mph winds and hail up to two inches in diameter.
There was more rainfall at JFK on a single day yesterday than on any previous day on record.
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